Hot Brave Firefighters, We Salute You

These guys saved us. Big time. Bad asses all around.

Just a few short weeks ago my home, the Napa Valley, was under major threat. The worst wildfire in the history of Northern California burned like an inferno, shifting with the perilous winds, resulting in an apocalyptic calamity for our neighbors in Sonoma County. New fires popped up all around us, scorching up the mountain sides, completely surrounding our precious valley, but these heroes kept this fiery bitch at bay, working tirelessly to protect our homes and the land that we hold so dear. It was just about the weirdest week of my life. I had my car packed, on high alert, ready to go at a moment's notice. I was not forced to flee and now the sky is blue again, instead of dark with noxious smoke, thanks to the Herculean efforts of firemen from all over the country who came to our aid. I would kiss each and every one of them, if I could. Even the ones that don't look like Billy Baldwin in Backdraft.

So, if you see a firefighter, give him a kiss from me. They are good at saving homes, so they are probably good at kissing too.

Faxon Russ