Even ice queens like to snuggle.


When an ice queen's frosty innards melt into a puddle exciting things can happen. Like...well...snuggling for one. 


Only a handsome strong cowboy could cause such a liquid state and let me tell you snuggling wasn't all these two were up to, but you'll just have to content yourself with a little post coital excerpt from my new novel The Demon Duchess.

It had sure been a doozy of an evening. The woman lying across him had displayed everything from murderous rage to wanton passion. He idly stroked her back as she slept. Who knew ice queens liked to snuggle. She seemed so trusting and soft right now. Had she snuggled with her precious Trevor like this? A sharp jealousy clenched at his chest. He pushed the unpleasant thoughts from his brain and concentrated instead on her feminine scent.

I’ll slip off nestled in a field of fancy flowers…

He roused just after dawn with a mouthful of fragrant hair and a silky ass pressed into his erection. He stifled a groan and rose up on one elbow, peering down at the sleeping beauty next to him. Her lashes rested against her smooth cheek, her hair a web of platinum threads across the pillow. The pale light streaming through the small frosted window panes outlined her fine features. He liked the steady sound of her breathing and the way her lips puffed in her sleep. One shimmering skein fell across her cheek, fluttering with her sighs. When he gently pushed it behind her ear, she stirred. He held his breath as she squinted, adjusting to the light. Then she turned on her back and gazed up at him with hazy eyes.

“Hello,” she murmured.

“You were snoring.”

Her brow crinkled. “I was not—was I?”

“And drooling a little.”

Her hands flapped with female insecurity as she smoothed her rumpled locks and massaged her squished sleep face. She gave her mouth a good wipe with the back of her hand too.

“Don’t start fixing everything,” he teased. “I like a lady who drools in her sleep.

The Demon Duchess




Tessa Bowen