"Howdy ma'am", and other reasons I enjoy Nevada.

Its a funny thing--I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, but sometimes feel the overwhelming urge to escape. The Napa Valley can be as claustrophobic as is it breathtaking. This is because everyone wants to be there. And they are, come summer.

I am lucky as hell to have grown up here, and to live here still. The aesthetic perfection of the place is truly awe-inspiring. And the energy is pure magic, but that's a blog for another day. My passion for the area comes through in my Napa Valley series, Valley Fever and Valley Fire . if you should ever want to take a peek.

 Valley dwellers suffer from "Valley Fever". those tight vineyard rows can close in on you--and the army of tourists too. Traffic etc. What to do? Take a drive to Nevada--it's just one state over, but another world all together. Where the space opens up to a starry sky. The landscape isn't nearly as pretty, it can be flat and dry. Unless you are in the Sierras, enclosed by their impressive high peaks. Most importantly, you can listen to the cows moo at night. There will be no tinkling of glassware or Wine Country parties in Nevada. Nor will there be traffic or bustle. Best of all, the men call you ma'am.

Some would say the best part of Nevada is the gambling and the hookers. I like the calm and cheerful way Nevadans go about there business, maybe that's thanks to the hookers. Who knows? But I do find the place refreshing--even with all that dry, parched earth. I don't go to the part with the gambling and the hookers. I go to the part where the cows moo. 

When you cross the California border, you can feel the change--see it in the landscape. You suddenly feel like you are in a Western. You find yourself fantasizing about Russell Crowe in the remake of 3:10 to Yuma. Back before he ballooned. God, that black hat was sexy. I am a black hat sort of gal. White hat equals bore snore. Soon you find yourself dreaming up an entire Western romance. You spend your time scribbling down notes for a future novel. You have found inspiration in one of the most barren states in the country--strange how that works.

Sometimes you just have to get away--even if you live in Heaven. This country has so much to offer. The diversity of each state is an experience in itself. I'm glad to be home, but I sort of wish they'd rip out some of these vineyards and plant some cows. And I wish the men called me ma'am here.

Thank you Nevada, for being so friendly. It is much appreciated.

Faxon Russ