When your dentist is hot.

Who knew my first root canal would turn into a sensual experience? 

My luck finally ran out. Chomper down. I had a good run, no dental problems for years and then a dreaded pang that turned into straight up pain arrived. Damn it. I needed a root canal (my dentist told me) and sent me to a specialist in the next town over.  

I, ever the nervous Nelly, began panicking even before I met the Endodontist. Now imagine my surprise when a young, hot and VERY well-built blond demi-god appeared in blue scrubs. Wait-a-minute! I don't want a hot dentist. I want the avuncular old fat dentist. 

Jesus, now I have to go through this shame and pain with a hot dude elbows deep in my maw. I wasn't ready for it. I wasn't dressed right. I was wearing the "comfortable clothes" the paperwork had suggested. I wanted this dentist to know that I was hot, damn it--instead of a cow in sweat pants! Except nobody is hot when they are getting a root canal. The drooling, the twitching, the spit and those Terminator goggles they make you wear. And the suction for fuck's sake! Oh, the shame. 

I made it through, literally sweating with embarrassment. I mean this dentist was HOT--too hot. 

By the follow-up appointment I was more prepared. Well thought attire in place, I leaned back with a smile when hot dentist appeared. I even batted my eyes and wore a mini skirt--freshly shaven and bronzed legs crossing and uncrossing just for show in a truly pathetic display--(hot dentist is easily ten years younger than me). 

By my third follow up, I sort of felt like we were dating and began to really enjoy myself in that reclined position. Did I mention hot dentist is from Texas and has a super hot accent, which he uses when he directs you to "open wide."

Like, wow. My dental appointments have turned into soft core porn. And I'm the star! Well, he's the star. I'm just the idiot trying to flirt with a drill in my mouth.

I'll save the rest of the story for another blog. Incredibly, hot dentist had to re-do the root canal, which led to a total of eight appointments, stretching over a year. My dates with hot dentist had turned into a full-on relationship! 

Faxon Russ